State-of-the-Art Facility

Doing It Right From The Start

We believe it is absolutely essential for the well being of our patients that we go beyond what is considered in our field to be the “acceptable standard”. We maintain an unconditional commitment to quality for our patients. We extend this philosophy to our practice by investing in and maintaining a state of the art facility.

Gail using 3d imaging machine

Digital X-rays

We were among the first in San Diego County to install full digital x-ray systems which allowed us to process all of our x-rays digitally in-house, with numerous benefits to our patients as well as the environment:

  • a significant decrease in radiation exposure, up to 90%.
  • no chemicals used for developing or processing film, therefore environmentally friendly.
  • speedy processing.
  • digitally manipulating the images by enhancing contrast, brightness, color, etc., therefore, rarely needing to re-take x-rays.
  • the ability to make digital measurements for interpretation resulting in greater accuracy.
  • a quantum leap for archiving, retrieving, copying and transmitting images, worldwide when necessary. (no comparison to the hard copy method)
  • the ability to interact with other digital images, including 3-dimensional cat-scans.

Cone Beam 3-D Imaging

3D CT ScannerAs of March of 2008, we have had a CT Scanner giving us the ability to generate three dimensional images and cross-sectional reconstructions of all areas of the mouth here in our office. This technology has been evolving for several years, but required a large machine at an outside location, was inconvenient, expensive, and required larger doses of radiation than conventional x-rays.

3D CT Scanner closeupToday we have Cone Beam 3-D Imaging which provides high-definition, in-office, three-dimensional, digital imaging at reduced cost and less radiation than traditional CT scans. For years we have not been able to accurately determine bone volume for implant placement in three dimensions without surgically exposing an area and then making decisions off the cuff.

Now we can do a virtual reality surgery on a computer re-creation of a patient’s entire jaw choosing exact implant types and sizes during the consultation process. This provides a wealth of knowledge to more accurately design the treatment plan and assure accurate and predictable results. Patients can also view these images to get a better understanding of their proposed treatment plan.

doctors explaining digital images

Making This Technology Work

Now with the digital imaging available in our office, we have placed computers in virtually every exam room and operatory so we have all of this information at our finger tips. The doctors have the ability to view multiple three dimensional x-rays during a procedure to help them in everything from tooth removal to implant placement. In fact, the doctors will often use special surgical guides developed from the CT images to facilitate accurate implant placement at surgery.