No Man Is An Island

The Team Approach

Just as no man is an island, no single doctor or dentist can truly provide comprehensive care in this day of constantly changing technology. As in medicine, most cases will require a comprehensive treatment plan involving multiple specialists and including continued care of patients beyond the scope of the initial treatment. This is something that goes beyond the scope of any single professional or “center”.

All three of our doctors spend countless hours reading journals and taking continuing education courses around the world to be on the leading edge of available surgical techniques to provide the most current care possible for their patients. They, in turn, rely on the diligence and expertise of our restorative colleagues to maintain a similar level of care, which can only be accomplished with multiple specialists. The ability to work closely with your general dentist as well ensures continuity of care since this is also critical to the success of any rehabilitation.

Dr. Seul participates in and moderates study clubs and lecture series that are designed to encourage relationships between restorative specialists in the community and exchange of knowledge and treatment planning. All of our doctors have close working relationships with a number of local, as well as, international restorative specialists in the dental industry. Our office is actually set up for educational seminars including live surgery viewing via video camera and remote monitors in the reception area. This will allow the doctors on our team an ideal opportunity to carefully treatment plan cases together with models, x-rays and computer derived images readily at hand.